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Paying For Education: College Savings Plans

Saving for Education – Have You Considered Your Options?

July 19, 2021
This article explores the importance of having an education savings plan, the main vehicles for saving including their advantages and...

Take A Hike! The Advice You’ve Been Waiting For

July 8, 2021
In this video blog blog, Jonathan suggests ‘taking a hike’ might be the best advice one could be given!  ...
Investing Philosophy is exponentially more important than performance

Your investing philosophy is exponentially more important than performance

May 20, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky talks about why it’s more important to have a good investing philosophy than obsess about performance.   Good...

Investing is a Lifelong Process – Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Conference

May 4, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky provides commentary and key insights from Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger’s Annual Berkshire Hathaway conference, including the importance...
An analysis of all-time market highs over the past century with insights on whether or not to invest in a record high market climate.

Markets Are At All-Time Highs, Should I Invest?

April 30, 2021
This commentary is an excerpt from our Q1 2021 Market Report, which also features world capital market performance along with...
Instead of thinking about your return on investment, what is your ROAR: Return on a Relationship, and why is that important?

Return on Investment or Return on Relationship?

April 16, 2021
Investors commonly focus on the returns of their investment portfolio and overlook or minimize the intrinsic value derived from investing...

Top Reasons To Sell Restricted Stock Units On The Vesting Date

March 2, 2021
Good afternoon, this is Jonathan Satovsky of Satovsky Asset Management. On today’s episode of wisdom, wealth and wellness, I want...
Jonathan Satovsky reflects on the rollercoaster of 2020, and offers advice on mindful living to bring joy to each moment in 2021 and beyond.

The Secret To Mindful Living in 2021 | Wealth, Wisdom & Wellness

December 17, 2020
Jonathan Satovsky reflects on the rollercoaster of 2020, and offers advice on mindful living to bring joy to each moment...
Thanksgiving - gratitude - wealth - Day Gratitude | Investment Advice

Bringing Gratitude To Every Moment This Thanksgiving

November 25, 2020
Jonathan shares an important message about the pursuit of joy, and finding gratitude within yourself, even during the most testing...
Adversity & Resilience In Seeking Wisdom, Wealth & Wellness

Adversity & Resilience in Seeking Wisdom, Wealth & Wellness

October 16, 2020
This week on the blog, Jonathan talks about facing adversity, building resilience and the importance of defining your why in seeking...

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