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Presidential Elections & Investing | Should I Invest During Elections?

This week on the blog, Jonathan Satovsky analyzes how elections affect investing by looking at historical market volatility during previous elections and discusses whether you should invest during the election year. Good afternoon. This is

Learn Your 3 Principles: A Key Concept in Building Wisdom, Wealth and Wellness – Back To School Lesson

It's Back to School season! This week on the blog, Jonathan talks about defining the concepts, or principles that guide your learning and define how you show up in the world. Good afternoon, This is

Building Good Habits Today for a Wealthy Future

In honor of Labor Day weekend, Jonathan talks about the evolution of hard work and discipline in a world where technology allows us to offload the labor of saving, and automate good habits for a

Inflation, Liquidity and Innovation

This week on the video blog, Jonathan talks about how social change, ideation and innovation drive business profitability, and in turn, inflation, which is why your wealth strategy needs to be long-term focused. Good morning,

Is All That Glitters Gold?

This week on the video blog, Jonathan talks about why investors have historically bought Gold, and whether biblical wisdom can teach us an important lesson about being lured by shiny objects.  Good afternoon. This is

The Roaring 20s: What the 1920s could indicate about the 2020s

Good morning, this is Jonathan's Satovsky and on this episode of seeking wisdom wealth and wellness we’re going to change it up from seeking to living wisdom wealth and wellness. It is good for our

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