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Is All That Glitters Gold?

This week on the video blog, Jonathan talks about why investors have historically bought Gold, and whether biblical wisdom can teach us an important lesson about being lured by shiny objects.  Good afternoon. This is

The Roaring 20s: What the 1920s could indicate about the 2020s

Good morning, this is Jonathan's Satovsky and on this episode of seeking wisdom wealth and wellness we’re going to change it up from seeking to living wisdom wealth and wellness. It is good for our

July 3rd, 2020: Special Edition Vblog: Greg Harden & Controlling the Controllables

This week on the video blog, Jonathan pays tribute to American independence and University of Michigan's Greg Harden while reminding us to focus on process over performance. He emphasizes the importance of controlling the controllables,

June 21, 2020: Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness and Fatherhood!

This week on the video blog, Jonathan reflects on fatherhood and what it means to live a life of Wisdom, Wealth and Wellness. Happy Fathers Day from our family to yours!  Good morning. This is

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