Is There A Smarter Way To Manage Your Wealth?

Asset Consolidation Can Help Us Stay Aligned––Together Expanding What is Possible With Your Wealth

Investors commonly focus on the returns of their investment portfolio and overlook or minimize the intrinsic value derived from investing in the advisory relationship.

At SAM, our deepest commitment is to nurture meaningful, life-long relationships based on trust, integrity and familiarity.

Our success is contingent on our clients’ success, which bears the most fruit when both parties feel confident that they are “on the same page”. The more deeply we are aligned, the better we can step into your shoes and steward your journey from start to finish, providing guidance no matter what life throws at you along the way.

360 View––Bringing Your Entire Financial Picture Into Focus

The management of your finances is analogous to the management of your physical health – most people have one primary family doctor who maintains general oversight over their well-being and refer specialists on an as-needed basis.

Working with multiple advisors, similar to working with multiple family doctors, means you are juggling isolated points of view.

Working with one advisory team allows for more holistic oversight and management of your cash flow and balance sheet, and ensures your assets are working together in a fully integrated way. From a planning point of view, it can also facilitate your estate planning and gifting strategies for maximum results.  

Smarter Asset Allocation

Having your entire portfolio together – or at least the majority of it – enables you and your financial advisor to see the big picture. Taking advantage of this broad perspective allows you to make savvier investment decisions, improve diversification, and avoid duplication of investment types. You may also find it easier to make adjustments when changes arise in your life circumstances.


More than picking the “right” stock, identifying and rebalancing your optimal asset allocation over time may determine the strength of your returns. Multiple advisors blindly buying different funds or stocks without a proper overview limits your ability to know your true risk.

Optimized Tax Opportunities

Consolidation can help you implement tax-efficient investment strategies such as Asset Location and Tax Loss Harvesting to save you money now and over time.


Having both retirement and non-retirement accounts under a single advisor allows for the optimization of asset location: deploying tax-efficient assets in your taxable account and less tax-efficient assets in your retirement account.


Tax-loss harvesting in a consolidated taxable account enables you to take losses more efficiently and effectively during price dislocations in the markets. A single advisor having the ability to view all your holdings makes it more likely that the benefit will not be lost through wash sale rules.

Better Management of Contributions & Withdrawals

Not all accounts are created equally and there are advantages to bifurcating savings into accounts with different tax characteristics – i.e., non-qualified and qualified, traditional and Roth. We help you make the most of your contributions while being mindful of annual limits and deductibility, as well as conversion opportunities.


Upon retirement, or at any point when you may need to draw from your portfolio, we assess the best sources from which to draw. At age 72, when you must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement accounts, you are able to do so as part of a coordinated and automated strategy.


Consolidating these accounts also simplifies your end-of-year tax reporting. For those who are charitably inclined, our team can also help you set up tax-advantaged Qualified Charitable Donations (QCDs).

Life Simplified––Affording You Peace of Mind & Well-Being

Fewer Loose Ends to Manage

Time is precious today. Coordinating multiple advisor relationships and all the associated accounts, passwords and paperwork can stifle your time, flexibility and efficiency. Working with one advisory team eliminates the hassle of becoming a manager of managers.

Simpler Reporting & Administration

Working with one advisory team means all your statements come from one source, and tax reporting related to investment income and dispositions is made easier to manage. Come tax season, your accountant will thank you!

Which Of Your Assets Can Be Consolidated?

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