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The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


Wisdom & Wealth With Divorce Settlement

November 19, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky joins Judith Weigle on The Amicable Divorce Expert podcast to discuss navigating a divorce settlement.

Intellectual Curiosity and Entrepreneurship

November 1, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky joins Kary Oberbrunner on this episode of Igniting Souls Podcast to discuss the importance of intellectual curiosity and...

Math, Money, and Mindset — Achieve Your Dreams

July 26, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky joins Money Mindset with Gull Khan to discuss the importance of “Math, Money, and Mindset” in bridging your...

Mindful Investing and the Three Pillars of Wealth

July 26, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky joins Martin Bamford on Informed Choice Radio to share the easy steps you can take to begin investing...

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