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The Benefits of Tranquility & Kindness

August 11, 2021
Today, Jonathan Satovsky reflects on how taking a step back from the busy world can open you up to new...
Investing Philosophy is exponentially more important than performance

Your investing philosophy is exponentially more important than performance

May 20, 2021
Jonathan Satovsky talks about why it’s more important to have a good investing philosophy than obsess about performance.   Good...
An analysis of all-time market highs over the past century with insights on whether or not to invest in a record high market climate.

Markets Are At All-Time Highs, Should I Invest?

April 30, 2021
This commentary is an excerpt from our Q1 2021 Market Report, which also features world capital market performance along with...
The Financial Market Doesn’t Care Who The President Is

There is No Debate – The Financial Market Doesn’t Care Who the President is in the Long-Run

October 5, 2020
An analysis of how current economic activities correlate with market performance, and how long-term investors can safeguard against emotional investment...

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