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SAM Video Blog February 9, 2018

Jonathan discusses the recent upswing in market volatility. Transcription: Good afternoon! This is Jonathan Satovsky of Satovsky Asset Management February 9th 2018 with a video blog update. And I’m here on this Friday

SAM Video Blog January 30, 2018

Jonathan discusses trust in equity markets and the myth of the best investment strategy.

SAM Video Blog December 20, 2017

Jonathan discusses the impact of the new tax reform legislation as well as our updated cyber-security policies.

SAM Video Blog November 21, 2017

Jonathan discusses positive global trends, negative news coverage, and research on sustainable investing strategies.

SAM Video Blog October 19, 2017

Jonathan discusses small-cap tilts and the recent outperformance of foreign equities.

SAM Video Blog September 20, 2017

Jonathan discusses the latest developments in monetary policy and cyber security.