Video Blogs

SAM Video Blog October 19, 2017

Jonathan discusses small-cap tilts and the recent outperformance of foreign equities.


SAM Video Blog September 20, 2017

Jonathan discusses the latest developments in monetary policy and cyber security.


SAM Video Blog August 24, 2017

Jonathan discusses his mission to create abundance for others, common obstacles to success, and popular investor concerns.


SAM Video Blog June 30, 2017

Jonathan discusses the importance of ignoring the headlines, new fund flow data, and how to set up a long-term financial plan.


SAM Video Blog June 6, 2017

Jonathan discusses the importance of saving, common investor pitfalls, and how to trick yourself into long-term success.


SAM Video Blog May 17, 2017

Jonathan discusses investor risk tolerance in the context of yesterday’s selloff, as well as the spread between value and growth companies.


SAM Video Blog April 24, 2017

Jonathan discusses the behavioral gap, Buffett's wager, and the importance of maintaining a long-term investing mindset. As always, please feel free to share our updates with anyone you think may benefit from our advice.


SAM Video Blog March 16, 2017

Jonathan discusses The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates and offers his perspective on behavioral finance.


SAM Video Blog February 17, 2017

Jonathan discusses the three F's important to many investors:  Fear, Fees, and the Fiduciary Standard.


SAM Video Blog – January 4, 2017

Jonathan reviews the major market events of 2016 and discusses the year ahead.