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Discover the transformative power of wealth management through a sweet and simple tale of a childhood piggy bank. Plus, learn why strategic financial planning and investment compounding are essential for turning modest savings into substantial wealth.

The money saving pig.

I just emptied the money saving pig. Sixteen years of accumulation for my daughter and she asked, “Can I cash in my money saving pig? Can I take the money and do something with it?”

So, this is an awesome lesson of delayed gratification.

Sixteen years she’s been accumulating pennies. Big pig, a lot of pennies. A lot of dimes, a lot of quarters, a lot of nickels, lots of change. Now, it’s small, but it’s a start.

The idea for people to set aside the spare change, 10%, 20 % of their earnings, from the day they make a dollar till the day they stop making a dollar—that delayed gratification can lead to a tremendous amount of abundance.

However, the big difference between leaving it the money saving pig? The purchasing power. It’s a hard concept for a young person, and even older people, to understand. The purchasing power of this spare change isn’t quite as effective as if that delayed gratification was invested and compounded, because this amount of money over the same 16 years, would be worth five times the amount that’s in here. Yes, five times the amount that’s in here! It’s a lot of money.

So start your own money saving pig. Start young, start early, start often, on your path to Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness.

Have a great day.

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Video Recorded April 9, 2024

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