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SAM CEO and Chief Behavioral Coach Jonathan Satovsky shares insights on tax-loss harvesting.

Transcript: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. This is Jonathan Satovsky of Satovsky Asset Management and on today’s episode of “Seeking Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness” I want to talk about execution and tax-loss harvesting, the importance of proactively, creatively tax lost harvesting and why is that helpful. Well, let me give an example. If you have one million dollars of securities, whatever the security is, let’s call it the total market index and the markets have a decline and drop to 800,000. Forgive me for my chicken scratch. But then subsequently rebound to one million dollars nothing’s transpired, right? You just got a little bit of a roller coaster down and up. Okay, no big deal, but if you’re able to tax-lost harvest and take a loss and do an equal exchange from a like-kind position, not identical, but a like-kind position, you then create a $200,000 tax credit that you can use to offset your taxes today, depending on your tax rate. Short-term and long-term rates. It could be anywhere from, you know, 15 to 50 percent tax savings. Yes, you have to consult your accountant, but that means that you could potentially save somewhere between thirty to a hundred thousand dollars of savings versus nothing if you just sat still. So what would you rather have? $30- to $100,000 tax savings today or nothing? So there’s the benefit of tax-loss harvesting. Consider proactively rebalancing the tax on harvesting because you can add value when other people are just ignoring. Have a great day.

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