The Roaring 20s: What the 1920s could indicate about the 2020s

Jonathan Satovsky
Jonathan Satovsky, CFP®, ChFC®, CIMA®, CPWA®

Good morning, this is Jonathan’s Satovsky and on this episode of seeking wisdom wealth and wellness we’re going to change it up from seeking to living wisdom wealth and wellness.

It is good for our health to be in nature and take time to observe the nature of different realities. Today I want to talk about the roaring 20s, and my vision of reality. Now we can talk about the 1920s or the 2020s, but I want to postulate as to why the 2020 are set up just like the 1920s.

In 1918 there was the Spanish flu; people were quarantined and coming out of it they just wanted to enjoy life, to party and celebrate, and live carpe diem each day. Innovation, ideas and celebration amounted to a decade of, overall, tremendous joy and abundance.

I read an article that there’s a bear market in happiness these days, I think people are salivating to party and to celebrate. Perhaps it might be a little premature if people are worried about the relapse of COVID-19 and a pandemic, but I don’t want to debate the timing of the human spirit. I just know that the ideas and imagination of humankind are salivating to keep moving forward in the pursuit of joy and happiness and to find abundance in every moment, because that’s our opportunity to bring heaven down to earth every day.

The mindset that’s crucial to understand, whether you’re a small company or a big company is to bring ideas to life every day. Do your part to bring positive energy, inspiration and innovation, and help everyone around you live a better life on their path to seeking wisdom wealth and wellness.

Have a great day.

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Video Recorded July 12th, 2020
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