June 21, 2020: Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness and Fatherhood!

June 21, 2020: Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness and Fatherhood!

This week on the video blog, Jonathan reflects on fatherhood and what it means to live a life of Wisdom, Wealth and Wellness. Happy Fathers Day from our family to yours! 

Good morning. This is Jonathan Satovsky and today’s episode of seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness (WWW), is in honor of Father’s day 2020.

So, today I’m going to refelct on fatherhood from a perspective of wisdom. Scratching my head thinking: “What is wisdom”?

Well, as I have 3 children of my own, thinking about being a container of space. Not lecturing but just being present. And giving them room to ask questions for our collective daily learning and interpretation of their perspective of what’s happening in the world and in their lives, to enable them to have a voice.

Wealth, well, certainly being grateful for what you have and taking micro actions from a financial planning standpoint that can move the needle and make progress.

So, I have a formula of ideally saving 10% for yourself and your own future. Pay yourself first and 10% to charities.

Well, that’s idealistic. 99% of the population can’t do that so that’s aspirational.

But even if you can’t do that, how about start with 1%. 1% of whatever you make save, put away for your future self and donate to charity.

And if you take these micro actions and just celebrate with gratitude where you are and taking those micro actions and automate it instead of having a conversation: Is it a good time? Is it not a good time?

Sometimes it’d be a good time. Sometimes it won’t be a good time. But if you automate those behaviors, you will accumulate a tremendous amount of wealth over a lifetime.

And wellness, well for me wellness is finding a way to be mindful of your mind and body connection.

And humbly when you get into nature and you see how nature operates, it’s humbling to be grateful to hear, to see, to smell, to taste, to touch, to be able to connect your intuition.

If you’re feeling lethargic or tired, sleep. And find a way to get into your rhythm of your mind, body connection for your wellness today, as a father and to help share that wisdom to future generations so that we can all live seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness.

Have a good day. Happy Father’s day.


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