The Value of Working with a Behavioral Coach

The Value of Working with a Behavioral Coach

This week on the video blog, Jonathan discusses the value of working with a behavioral coach to keep you on course and steward the achievement of your mental, physical, and emotional wellness, in life and finance alike.

Good afternoon. This is Jonathan Satovsky of the Satovsky Asset Management (SAM). And today, as I’m out in nature and public parks and other spaces are being reopened, I wanted to talk about nature as it relates to human nature and give you a story about the idea of physical. The analogy between physical training with a trainer versus doing it yourself.

No different than financial training versus doing finances by yourself.

So, the start reflect on a quote that is in my mind is that: “The trouble with the world is the stupid or cock sure and the intelligent are full of doubt”.

I’ve been pondering that quote and thinking about how doubt paralyzes us.

I don’t think we all are clear on what the nature of reopening is gonna mean.

I think that it’s complicated for sure and you know it’s going to be an interesting time for everyone.

But, so I certainly have doubt. But analogizing it to a gym trainer, I was supposed to have a session on zoom with a gym trainer on Monday and I cancelled it because it was a Memorial Day and I said, “You know what, I’ll do it myself”.

And I not only didn’t do it but I didn’t get nearly the results.

So normally, I pay a premium to have a gym trainer train me on zoom periodically.

And it has immense impact on me. So in dealing with peoply with finances, there’s a lot of basic principles.

The vast majority of people that I deal with are smart, intellignt people that actually have all the information in the world.

There’s nothing new that I can tell them perhaps. Maybe they have all the information on the world and they know what they need to do. But the execution of doing it without a trainer, without a financial trainer, without someone pushing them when they don’t feel like it or when they’re in doubt is necessary in order to create financial abundance over a lifetime.

So post Memorial Day, as everyone’s, you know, touching and feeling, that the doubt and the uncertainty of getting back into social interactions and public spaces.

They’re certainly gonna be a lot of doubt but the one thing that’s not in doubt is habits. Both for your financial fitness, your mental fitness and your physical fitness.

Consider the benefits of having a coach to be able to push you along and to be able to help you create a lifetime of abundance. To be able to reach heights you would have never reached on your own.

Again, remember the quote: “No pain, no gain!”

Have a great week.



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Video recorded on May 28, 2020.
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