May 8, 2020: Q1 Town Hall Webinar

May 8, 2020: Q1 Town Hall Webinar

The SAM team came together with clients and colleagues to address current market events outlined in the SAM Q1 Quarterly Letter, discuss the importance of staying the course during times of ambiguity, and advise on ways to safeguard your long-term financial health and sustainability.


Long term perspective and goal-oriented planning are critical to addressing short-term market activity while maintaining your long-term financial well-being.

  1. Your Perspective – informs your investment behavior, which informs the decisions you make towards managing your finances;
  2. Your Profitability   is achievable and sustainable despite the volatility in today’s markets. Understanding the tangible profitability of the financial ecosystem helps frame a mindset of abundance.
  3. Your Path – focus on what you can control, think long-term, automate savings, spending, and re-balancing, align your goals, and stay the course of your unique path.



Working with your SAM Team is important in defining and aligning your financial plan for success. We have your best interests at heart and want to provide you the guidance and support to make financial decisions with confidence. Please reach out to your SAM Team if you have any questions or feedback on today’s webinar.

Christine Lucero, JD, CFP, CPWA
Head of Wealth Management
Phone: (212) 584-1900
ext. 112
Jason Blumstein, CFA
Senior Investment Analyst
Phone: (212) 584-1900
ext. 119
Frank Torrone, CFP
Wealth Strategist
Phone: (212) 584-1900
ext. 118
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