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Our integrated approach to wealth management takes into consideration the context of your entire financial picture and enables us to create an investment structure aligned to your unique needs and goals. We offer comprehensive financial advice including, financial position, protection planning, retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning. We take an inventory of the big picture, including legacy assets, real estate, employee benefits, stock options, and education plans. We then provide holistic advice on your balance sheet employing mindful strategies to increase the probability of your success. We coordinate with your outside professionals as needed.

We customize a strategic financial plan including a tailored investment portfolio to help you meet your goals and obligations. We continuously monitor and review the progress toward accomplishing your goals, making adjustments as needed given the ever-changing investment landscape.


“The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.”
-Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

The behavior gap is defined as the difference between the return on an investment and the return an investor actually experiences. Various estimates place the drag from poor decision making anywhere from 1.17% to 6.5% annually. By right-fitting client portfolios, minimizing trading, and through continued education of investors, we aim to minimize this drag.

Source: Fidelity Institutional Asset Management (2017). Behavioral Finance [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://institutional.fidelity.com

Portfolio Construction

Our portfolio construction process is designed to seek opportunities to maximize your probability of success, while managing risk. Our goal in managing your assets is to create a sustainable portfolio that enables you to stay the course to facilitate your financial success.

To accomplish this goal, we’ll educate you about what you own and why, volatility and the nature of markets, and how to avoid common behavioral mistakes, such as liquidating at inopportune times. We aim to construct portfolios that allow you to achieve your long-term goals while remaining within your comfort level for volatility.

Typically, our portfolio construction process employs methods such as:

  • Extensive modeling in order to construct an optimal blend of assets
  • Risk management aimed at creating a portfolio that fits within your tolerance for portfolio fluctuations
  • Defining and clarifying current and future goals, as well as the timing of expected cash-flow needs
  • Utilizing a combination of passive and active investments solutions
  • Monitoring investments to ensure they remain aligned with your goals and circumstances

Financial Position

We begin with an analysis of your net-worth and cash flow statements, seeking opportunities to improve your financial position, which include building liquid cash reserves, mortgage refinancing, establishing lines of credit, and proper position and titling of your assets. Our mission is to help you make informed decisions in all aspects of your financial life.

Investment Planning

Our investment planning process focuses on long-term, goal-oriented, holistic solutions. We specialize in structuring sustainable portfolios in an ever-changing economic landscape, and plan and care for your assets as if they were our own.

Protection Planning

We create a strategic plan to protect your personal and/or family finances. We review your insurance policies such as life, disability and long-term care, and help you secure adequate coverage, if advisable.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement process is centered on spending rates and creating an appropriate structure for accumulation and distribution. We leverage available options such as pre-tax, after-tax and tax-free assets in an appropriate structure to facilitate accumulation before retirement and maximum distribution during retirement.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning ensures maximum distribution of assets and minimization of estate tax liabilities. We start the estate planning process with an inventory of your assets and then we identify your priorities and the desired distribution of assets within your estate. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility within the structure of your estate and leverage estate planning professionals when necessary.

Tax Planning

Tax planning starts with creating a strategy that is based on a taxable income projection each year. We take a long-term approach to tax planning, both in the accumulation and the distribution of assets, in order to minimize tax liabilities over a lifetime. We work with you and your accountant to decide how to distribute your assets and make decisions about your investments in order to minimize tax liability. Investors often focus on investment returns and overlook the benefits of tax planning as a means to maximizing financial assets.

Charitable Planning

For those clients with philanthropic goals, we help you make informed decisions based on the intention of your gift. Our priority is to ensure the donation benefits both the charity and your financial structure. Once we understand your goals, we can provide guidance as to which giving strategies (donor-advised fund, charitable trust, family foundation, etc.) are most appropriate.

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