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As part of Satovsky Asset Management’s ongoing emphasis on investor education, we are excited to announce Jonathan Satovsky’s new book “Your Rich Life: A Human Approach to Investment and Building the Wealth of Your Dreams.”

Your Rich Life: A Human Approach to Investment and Building the Wealth of Your Dreams

by Jonathan Satovsky

Most of us never reach our financial potential because we get in our own way, straying from careful long-term planning. In Your Rich Life, veteran asset manager and financial planner Jonathan Satovsky delivers frank talk on how to stay out of your own way and maximize lifetime returns as an investor.

Satovsky serves as a behavioral coach, bridging the gap between traditional financial planning and asset management to meet readers wherever they are in their financial journey. What results is powerful, organized common sense. Satovsky explores some of the most urgent issues in investment today, including:

  • Whether passive or active management offers better yield
  • Robo-investors
  • The secret to buying low and selling high
  • If the S&P is the right benchmark for you

With this book you’ll create a life of true abundance—one measured beyond the size of your portfolio—en route to the wealth of your dreams.

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Editorial Reviews


“Satovsky delivers important investment and life lessons every investor can benefit from. Read and reap!”
–Larry Swedroe, reviewer’s accolades director of research at Buckingham Advisor

Your Rich Life is a short book about long-term investing. Jonathan Satovsky does a great job of explaining the power of patience when combined with understanding yourself and the investment basics–lessons every investor can benefit from!”
–Joel Greenblatt, Adjunct Professor of Value Investing, Columbia Business School; investment manager, Gotham Asset Management

“Does your financial advisor ever feel frustrated? Despair over how you two are communicating? If you think not, think again. Most advisors try valiantly to educate you, try to do the right thing for you, and deliver on your expectations. Yet clients sometimes don’t listen or ignore sound advice. A client’s high expectations and an honest dialogue sometimes clash, so Your Rich Life comes just in time to help. Illustrating how to be more mindful of the entirety of one’s wealth, Jonathan Satovsky also tackles unspoken issues head on, like bad decisions a client makes, how markets can fool you, and the value of radical transparency. A veteran of the financial crisis who knows well the dangers when brokers sell products and media cares only about the next 24 hours, Jonathan has written a most useful how-to for building a better partnership between client and advisor.”
–Charlotte Beyer, founder, Institute for Private Investors

About the Author

Jonathan M. Satovsky founded Satovsky Asset Management, www.satovsky.com, in 2007, which provides advice on over $2 billion in assets and manages more than $500 million. Previously, Jonathan spent over thirteen years at American Express Financial Advisors, joining the Chairman’s Advisory Council as one of their youngest top ten advisors.

Jonathan recognizes every client has unique visions, goals, and preferences and offers a custom-tailored approach, aligning advice and portfolio structure to deliver financial peace of mind. He follows industry trends and technology developments, emphasizing continuing education and professional evolution.

Jonathan lives with his wife, Stacey, and their children, Adam, Julia, and Aerin.

More about Jonathan Satovsky…

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