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SAM Video Blog April 24, 2017

Jonathan discusses the behavioral gap, Buffett's wager, and the importance of maintaining a long-term investing mindset. As always, please feel free to share our updates with anyone you think may benefit from our advice.


SAM Video Blog March 16, 2017

Jonathan discusses The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates and offers his perspective on behavioral finance.


SAM Video Blog February 17, 2017

Jonathan discusses the three F's important to many investors:  Fear, Fees, and the Fiduciary Standard.


SAM Video Blog – January 4, 2017

Jonathan reviews the major market events of 2016 and discusses the year ahead.


SAM Video Blog – November 23, 2016

Jonathan discusses investment sentiment.


SAM Video Blog – November 7, 2016

Jonathan's November 2016 video blog update, in which he discusses the heightened levels of investor anxiety surrounding the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.


SAM Video Blog September 2016

Jonathan discusses his views on the three most important factors currently driving global markets:  Federal Reserve policy, the upcoming Presidential election, and market valuations.


SAM Video Blog July 2016

Jonathan discusses recent global market developments.


SAM Video Blog: Brexit

Jonathan discusses the market reaction and investment implications of the UK's referendum.


SAM Video Blog June 2016

In this video blog segment, Jonathan discusses why persistent negative sentiment has reinforced his optimistic outlook for global equity markets.