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As experts in wealth management, Satovsky Asset Management is regularly sought out by the media for commentary on a range of financial services topics.  Here is a sample of recent articles and appearances:


How to Create an International Investing Strategy

U.S. News & World Report, January 12, 2015

Jonathan was asked to share his perspective on international investing.

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Satovsky Asset Management, LLC featured on Larry King’s In View Series

In View with Larry King, October 25, 2014

We are proud to announce that Jonathan appeared on Larry King’s In View series. In View is dedicated to finding stories that showcase innovative solutions to real world problems, and has covered a broad array of topics including breakthroughs in medicine, technology, and finance.

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Satovsky Asset Management, LLC named a top 100 Wealth Manager by Wealth and Finance International

Wealth and Finance International

The selection process involved months of gathering votes, researching nominees, and collecting information on the leading players within the investment and financial services communities in order to determine the winners.

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Jonathan recognized as a Five Star Wealth Manager for the third consecutive year

Five Star Professional

Jonathan has been recognized as a Five Star Wealth Manager for 2015, the third consecutive year. The award was given by Five Star Professional, which conducts market-specific research throughout the U.S. and Canada to identify reputable and trustworthy service professionals. Research results undergo a thorough regulatory review, and the award is given to no more than 7 percent of wealth managers in any particular market each year.

Jonathan shares his current perspective on the markets on Arise TV

Arise Xchange, November 12, 2013

Jonathan discusses investing, equity markets, Federal Reserve policies, and interest rates (beginning at 3:15).

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Jonathan discusses the impact of the government shutdown on Arise TV

Arise Xchange, October 2, 2013

Jonathan discusses the impact of the government shutdown and debt ceiling on the economy and markets.

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Jonathan Satovsky discusses equity markets and interest rates on Arise TV

Arise Xchange, July 1, 2013

Jonathan discusses developments in the equity and fixed income markets, Federal Reserve policy, and his views on emerging markets.

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Jonathan Satovsky discusses investing and the economy on Arise TV

Arise America, June 14, 2013

Jonathan appears on Arise TV to discuss his views on the economy, Federal Reserve policy, and world markets.

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Jonathan Satovsky appears on Arise TV

Arise America, May 3, 2013

Jonathan discusses his views on the economy, equity markets, and his experience at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting.

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Jonathan Satovsky discusses Choosing Investments for a Lifetime, Not the Next 20 Minutes with

Choosing Investments for a Lifetime,, Kate Stalter–
July 31, 2012

New York-based advisor Jonathan Satovsky explains how he steers clients toward investments that can weather market storms, rather than trying to catch yesterday’s hot trend. He also shares some views on funds he uses frequently.

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Reuters Video features Jonathan Satovsky

Containing the euro crisis, Reuters, Jill Bennett–
June 15, 2012

Looking for a safe place to hide from what could be a turbulent spillover from the Greek election and the European debt crisis? A financial planner offers some tips as a global strategist explores ways the Federal Reserve could limit the damage to U.S. investors. Jill Bennett reports.

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Jonathan Satovsky shares The Five W’s Of Bad Investing Behavior with

The Five W’s Of Bad Investing Behavior,, Jonathan Satovsky –

May 16, 2012

Investors are prone to making irrational decisions. The simple truth is that what feels good, or what satisfies an immediate impulse, is not always compatible with generating positive, long-term returns.

But while investors know the general guidelines for building and growing wealth, they’re often blind to their own recurring mistakes. The 5 W’s of bad investing behavior are some of the most-common behavioral quirks that can keep investors from realizing their financial goals. The solution is to know which characteristics plague your portfolio and to take the appropriate steps to address them.

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Jonathan Satovsky on Wall Street Week: Global Micro-Cap Investing

Global Micro-Cap Investing, Wall Street Week –
December 11, 2011

Jonathan Satovsky, of Satovsky Asset Management, explains why individuals and institutions need to consider some longer term investments. Satovsky offers one idea and discusses how investors can “compartmentalize” to deal with high short term volatility in this excerpt from a recent interview.

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Jonathan Satovsky tells Crain’s New York Business how to be a successful hedge fund manager.

Hedge Fund Stars Plummet to Earth, Crain’s New York Business, Aaron Elstein –
October 30, 2011

Three years ago, John Paulson bet the house against housing and got incredible results. When the real estate bubble popped, the hitherto-unknown hedge fund manager pocketed a tidy $15 billion…

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CNBC’s Financial Advisor Network Features Jonathan Satovsky.

CNBC’s Financial Advisor Network
October 20, 2011




Jonathan Satovsky advises when clients should re-evaluate portfolios in SmartMoney.

Another Jolt of a Yo-Yo Market, SmartMoney, Jonelle Marte –
October 10, 2011

Investors are getting a nice nudge on their portfolios today, but many financial advisers have been offering a cautious tone about following an up and down market too much…

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The worst may be yet to come for stocks, Jonathan Satovsky tells SmartMoney.

Sorry You Went to Cash?, SmartMoney, Jonelle Marte –
August 13, 2011

So you cashed out. And now that the Dow ended last week with two straight days of triple digit gains, you’ve probably been kicking yourself since Friday’s close, wondering what you’re going to do…

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Jonathan Satovsky speaks to Crain’s New York Business about the importance of entrepreneurs managing their finances.

Rx for Entrepreneurs Who Neglect their Finances, Crain’s New York Business, Anne Fisher  –
July 22, 2011

It’s a common variation on the old saw about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot. Entrepreneurs who can tell you every detail of their firms’…

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Jonathan Satovsky discusses investment strategies in appearance on CNBC.

Markets Move Lower on Weak Economy, CNBC –
June 6, 2011

Jonathan stops by CNBC to discuss his investment strategies in the current economy.


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Morningstar Advisor profiles Jonathan Satovsky in the April/May issue.

Cool Logic, Warm Intent, Morningstar Advisor, Katie Stalter –
April/May, 2011

Jonathan Satovsky pairs rigorous modeling with noble ideals for the benefit of his clients.

Statistics, calculus, and logic were Jonathan Satovsky’s best subjects in college. This suggests the the New York-based advisor is driven by…

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Jonathan Satovsky shares with Wall Street Journal his first investing experience.

Remembering the First Time, Wall Street Journal, Charles Passy –
March 14, 2011

You never forget your first—investment, that is.

For many financial professionals, that first foray into stocks, mutual funds or any other type of investment is what shaped their view on the markets and inspired them to enter the field. Which is not to say the investment always paid off. Either way, the lessons learned can stay with a pro for a lifetime.

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Jonathan Satovsky shares important steps for a successful retirement with

Buck the Trend and Retire Early,, Joe Mont –
January 11, 2011

Industry surveys and coffee shop talk alike are full of alarming stories about how a growing number of those nearing retirement age will need to keep working past 65. Financial inadequacy is the culprit, especially on the heels of a recession that cut deep into savings…

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Jonathan Satovsky tells investors who accumulate the lion’s share of their net worth in company stocks run the risk of financial ruin.

Asset Allocation For Your Whole Life,, William Baldwin –

November 18, 2010

When planning investments, consider your entire life.  What are the three most important things in investing?  Allocation, allocation, allocation.  That’s the gospel in the financial planning business.  It’s not your stock selection that really matters…

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Jonathan Satovsky tells investors must be aware of the silent killer of inflation.

How QE2 Could Affect Your Money, U.S. News & World Report, Ben Baden –
November 17, 2010

The Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing, commonly referred to as QE2, has sparked huge debate on topics ranging from the future of the dollar to the threat of a bond or commodity bubble…

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Amid stock market drop, Jonathan Satovsky tells AP that investors are asking ‘What’s next?’

Dow drops below 11,000 as dollar gains.  Wall Street tumbles after Apple, IBM earnings news, Associated Press
October 19, 2010

A stronger dollar and a surprise interest rate hike in China that may slow that country’s economy help stocks sharply lower Tuesday…

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Jonathan Satovsky shares strategies for early retirement with

Early Retirement Still an Option for Many,, Joe Mont –
October 15, 2010

Much is made these days of the large number of baby boomers realizing they need to work well past their planned retirement date…

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Jonathan Satovsky tells WSJ, holding negatively correlated assets, short term strategy only.

Why the Math of Correlation Matters, Wall Street Journal, Jonnelle Marte –
October 04, 2010

These measurements can aid in the hunt for assets that zig when others zag, thereby reducing portfolio volatility.  Many mutual-fund-investors strive for diversified portfolios, but few really grasp a concept that is key to achieving that aim: correlation…

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Jonathan Satovsky tells WSJ Sunday investors should not let tax policies dictate investment strategies.

A Big Tax Hit for Dividends, Wall Street Journal Sunday, Jonnelle Marte –
October 04, 2010

If the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire at the end of the year, stock dividends will be subject to a much higher tax.  So some financial advisers say it might be time to review the investments you have in taxable accounts and consider holding a larger portion of high-paying dividend stocks in a tax-deferred account, such as an individual retirement account of a 401(k)…

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Jonathan Satovsky tells DailyFinance that fear and greed are investors’ worst enemy.

Avoid These Common Investing Mistakes, DailyFinance, Dan Burrows –
October 02, 2010

A bull market has a way of papering over investing mistakes that tougher times for equities lay painfully bare.  Shortsightedness, overconfidence and  — most important—failing to have a plan are more likely to hurt investors’ long-term results than the inevitable ups and down…

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Jonathan Satovsky talks to SmartMoney about portfolio diversification and stretching assets in retirement.

A Tough Tax Trick To Pull Off, SmartMoney, Reshma Kapadia –
October 01, 2010

This fall, Congress has some ugly accounting to do.  Lawmakers are tyring to trim the country’s burgeoning deficit while duking it out over whether to extend a spate of tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush.  While the Washington rhetorical war heats up…

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Jonathan Satovsky provides perspective on emerging-market debt funds for institutional investors.

Emerging-Market Debt Funds Gain Allure, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, David Bogoslaw –
September 28, 2010

Yield-hungry investors are increasingly turning to funds and ETFs featuring the government debt of emerging countries.  Given the ultra-low-interest-rate environment for many of the world’s developed economies…

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Jonathan Satovsky appears on PBS Nightly Business Report to comment on investor response to economic numbers.

Mixed Economic Numbers Leave Many Mixed Up, PBS Nightly Business Report
August 13, 2010

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Jonathan Satovsky quoted in NY Times article on growing trend of ‘Cash-In’ refinancing.

More Borrowers Opt for ‘Cash-In’ Refinancing, NY Times, Bob Tedeschi –
August 13, 2010

Cash-Out refinancing, in which borrowers pull out equity from their homes to finance everything from vacations to sports cars, were all the rage during the housing boom. Now, as the nation continues to endure the slow, painful correction of that boom, another trend may be emerging: cash-in refinancing…

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