MYSAM Access

APPROACH: We begin each client relationship by reviewing your current financial situation and your life goals.  Based on years of experience, we’ve found that asking the right questions enables us to clearly identify your true vision. Building upon what we learn, we design a financial plan and a customized investment structure.  In a lifelong process based on ongoing communication, we focus on maintaining optimal alignment of your finances to your needs.


Our approach is tailored for you.

Our approach always begins with you—your vision, your objectives, your milestones. We apply our experience and expertise to optimally align your finances to help you build a sustainable financial lifestyle, to reach your long-term goals and successfully pass on your wealth to heirs.


Our approach is founded on thorough research.

Historically, the greatest challenge to most investors is behavioral mistakes.  A solid structure and process provides the foundation to stay the course and focus on the long-term.  We utilize probability, statistics and behavioral finance principles to create custom-designed optimal strategies for you.


Our approach is grounded in long-term sustainable solutions.

In order to achieve long-term success, we focus more on the big picture than on daily market fluctuations while managing your assets. We keep your personal timeline and milestones in mind as we fine-tune your portfolio.


Our approach is based on a unique portfolio construction process.

Our unique portfolio construction process takes the best of traditional and modern portfolio theory and incorporates flexible mandates and optimal strategies to free up your time to focus on the things you enjoy in your life.