MYSAM Access


Satovsky Asset Management, LLC


As a client of Satovsky Asset Management, LLC (“SAM”), I am able to review certain personal investment related information through Black Diamond Performance Reporting™, a provider of web-based, outsourced portfolio management and reporting platforms for independent advisors and wealth managers. By selecting the “I Agree” button, I elect to participate in this service through a link to Black Diamond Performance Reporting™ from SAM’s web site. I understand I can also access my information directly through Black Diamond Performance Reporting™. This password-protected access is made available to clients of SAM free of charge. This authorization shall continue until canceled in writing.

I understand that the password-protected section of SAM’s web site is a link to a secure web site maintained by Black Diamond Performance Reporting™ and is intended only to allow a client access to information relative to his/her/its specific account. I also understand that I will be assigned an individual password, which I will receive directly from Black Diamond Performance Reporting™. I agree not to share my password with any other person. I understand that SAM’s Internet web site does not provide me with the ability to direct account transactions (i.e., place orders, make withdrawals, etc.), except through certain linked third party web sites. I hereby release and hold SAM harmless from any adverse consequences relative to any failure by me to keep the identity of my password secure.

I further understand that SAM does not guarantee the accuracy of any and all personal investment related information available through Black Diamond Performance Reporting™, and that SAM urges me to compare account statements I receive from my account custodian(s) with the personal investment related information available through Black Diamond Performance Reporting™.  I access Black Diamond Performance Reporting™ at my own risk.